• In-Kind Donations


    What are in-kind donations?

    It's like donating money, but instead you donate a product or service. You still get a tax-deductible receipt for the value of your donation.

    What in-kind of donations are accepted?

    We received signed guitars, booths at conferences, vaporizers, clothing, food, art, venue rental, flowers, and more. Other in-kind donations have included stock donations, internet domains, and services like tax-preparation. We'll take cars, vacation trips, or pretty much anything of value (ask first if you're not sure). Donations of cannabis are not accepted due to our 501c3 status, however, penny waivers for redemption of cannabis products at a legal dispensary are accepted.

    Why does IMPACT Network need in-kind donations?

    In-kind donations may be used as raffle prizes or auctioned off to raise money for IMPACT Network. Smaller items may be given in event VIP gift bags or for thank you presents for speakers. Donation of products may also be designated for patients in need.

    MARYJ Bingo donations

    Donating a product that can be redeemed from one or more winning MARYJ Bingo tickets is a great way to provide product awareness, get a tax-write off, and give back to a great cause! We need LOTS of in-kind donations to keep our bingo fundraisers going, as there are 20 games each night. Let us know if there's a specific month or cause you'd like your product to be associated with. Find out more about MARYJ Bingo here: http://www.maryjbingo.com.

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