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    Cannabis patient consultations through Infused Health:



    Female-only cannabis education and support groups through Ellementa: www.ellementa.com


    Education on cannabis for women and support for women in the cannabis industry through Women Grow:



  • Vitamin Weed Book by Dr. Michele Ross

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  • Thank You For 5 Years

    Supporting IMPACT Network

    It is with heavy heart that we announce IMPACT Network will be shutting down operations at the end of April 2018. We thank our board members, volunteers, sponsors, donors, patients and the hemp and cannabis industries for special 5 years we spent together providing cannabis education, free patient consultations, advocating for patient's rights, and performing clinical research.


    There will likely be confusion or questions over our closure. We will provide updates as they are available as well as resources that can serve your needs after we close. Our founder Dr. Michele Ross will continue to lead cannabinoid medicine education, advocacy and research with different nonprofits and businesses as she moves on from Denver, CO to Los Angeles, CA. If you have questions please email help@impactcannabis.org.

  • Get Certified as a
    Holistic Cannabis Practitioner

    Join Dr. Michele Ross and other world-renowned cannabis experts in an online program that will get you proficient on cannabis dosing, drug interactions, legal issues, cannabis for women's health, & much more!

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