susan-parkerSusan Parker is Director of Research Partnerships at IMPACT Network. She received her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Microbiology at Colorado State University. She has 15 years experience in academic research facilitating studies in infectious disease, genetics, and neuroscience.  In 2007 she moved a laboratory from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical campus in Aurora, Colorado.  Susan managed and trained several post-doctoral fellows, organized and managed the laboratory until 2012.  She injured her lower back in 2012 and used Cannabis exclusively for pain management with such great success, it fully reinforced her commitment and desire to work in the industry. Since then she has pursued a career in Cannabis knowing that the only place she could rekindle her passion for science would be in the growing Cannabis and Hemp industries.  Susan has always believed in Cannabis as medicine, and her experiences as a patient and researcher have only deepened this belief.

It was while working at CMT Laboratories as their Microbiologist that she discovered IMPACT Network and started volunteering at their educational conferences.  Susan  is dedicated to working with IMPACT Network and their commitment to cutting edge medical cannabis research, education, and advocacy.