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Avoid Donating to Nonprofits That Don’t Support Cannabis Research

IMPACT Network offers a way for individuals and companies to support research that is line with their values. Many disease nonprofits have no public position on medical marijuana use, or even openly oppose it. Few if any disease nonprofits put any funds towards supporting clinical cannabis research, with the exceptions being the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and CURE Epilepsy.

How much of the $115 million raised with the viral “Ice Bucket Challenge”  for the ALS Foundation went towards cannabis for ALS research? Zero! How much of Susan G. Komen Foundation’s “Run For The Cure” and all those pink products sold for breast cancer research actually went towards cannabis for breast cancer research in the lab? Less than 0.2%.

IMPACT Network is the first nonprofit to launch a nationwide fundraising program specifically for basic and clinical cannabis research grants. We’ve like Susan G. Komen for cannabis research, a fully transparent organization with the resources to fund real cures.  100% of our fund for clinical cannabis research grants goes toward grants, with an initial goal of $10 million dollars disbursed annually.

IMPACT Network raises our operating costs separately to the legal and financial issues concerning marijuana laws on the federal and state level. If you’re a company in the legal cannabis industry but want to give to IMPACT Network, we have a separate fund you can contribute to that goes towards the operating costs of our nonprofit. This is important as most universities will not accept grant money from cannabis companies or nonprofits that accept money from cannabis companies. Our fund for clinical cannabis research does not accept direct donations from cannabis companies, but be assured that your donation will go towards educational efforts, patient support, advocacy, fundraising costs, and other crucial IMPACT Network efforts.

If you’re a breast cancer survivor that used cannabis or a mother who gives her child CBD or cannabis for seizures, you want to support a nonprofit that is supportive of marijuana use and clinical cannabis research. IMPACT Network is the nonprofit 420-friendly companies and individuals can trust. Vote with your dollars and send a message to the big disease nonprofits: it’s time to start investing in clinical cannabis research.

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