How Microsoft Will Track Legal Marijuana Sales

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While recreational marijuana is controversial, many countries have been legalizing medical marijuana. The benefits of smoking pot may be overstated by advocates of marijuana legalization, the new legalization will help researchers study the drugs’ medicinal uses, and better understand how it impacts the body.

There are at least two active chemicals in the weed that researchers think have medicinal application. Those are cannabidiol (CBD) – which seems to impact the brain without a high- and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – which has pain relieving properties.

Medical cannabis has several potential beneficial effects. There is conclusive evidence that marijuana or related compounds can effectively treat chronic pain, nausea caused by chemotherapy treatment for cancer, and spasticity caused by multiple sclerosis. Also it has been found effective for   improving appetite in HIV/AIDS, improving sleep, and improving tics in Tourette syndrome.When usual treatments are ineffective, cannabinoids have been recommended for anorexia, arthritis, migraine, and glaucoma.

To legalize marijuana, has been long squabbled over, in most countries across the globe. However,  Microsoft became the first tech giant to take the leap into legal weed.

Recently, the Software titan selected California-based KIND Financial to participate in its newly created Microsoft Health and Human Services Pod for Managed Service Providers. The goal of this relationship is to leverage each company’s resources to provide State, County, and Municipalities the technology with purpose built solutions for track and trace of the cannabis industry.

With this partnership, KIND will be able to work on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. This enables KIND  to coordinate the connections through its Agrisoft “seed-to-sale” method, collecting and analyzing the related data.The aim is to keep tabs on sales and commerce of the pot, ensuring that they remain in the daylight of legality.

The willingness of Microsoft to cooperate with a company focused solely on legal cannabis could indicate that legitimate infrastructure is on its way for the nascent industry.