Vote No on Pueblo Ballot Question 200

IMPACT Alliance Opposes Pueblo Initiatives to Limit Marijuana

Denver, CO – IMPACT Alliance emerged to unite healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient advocacy groups, representing thousands of medical marijuana patients statewide. Patients from across Colorado joined forces to defend their Constitutional right to access marijuana as medicine. Today we join together in opposition to two ballot measures in Southern Colorado that will adversely impact patient access to medical marijuana. We stand united in asking voters to reject both measures.

Vote No on Pueblo County Ballot Question 200

This measure would ban the operation of marijuana cultivation facilities, product manufacturing facilities, testing facilities and retail marijuana establishments in Pueblo County. If passed, retail marijuana businesses would disappear along with safe access to medical marijuana. Removing existing recreational access to marijuana also affects patients who cannot register, such as those in the veteran community. In addition to the human cost of a patient’s lack of access to medicine, the measure stands to have chilling economic implications for the county, forcing over 1,300 jobs to leave the community. Voting No on 200 keeps retail marijuana businesses open in Pueblo County.

Vote No on Pueblo City Ballot Question 300

Similar to the county measure, this would ban retail marijuana in the City of Pueblo through an immediate prohibition on new establishments and close all existing marijuana establishments by October 31st, 2017.  Voting No on 300 keeps retail marijuana businesses open in Pueblo City.

“These measures will only serve to increase black market activity and will have a devastating impact on a patient’s ability to safely access marijuana as medicine in Southern Colorado,” said Bridget Seritt, of Canna-Patient Resource Connection, and Chair of the Board of IMPACT Alliance. “We implore voters to use compassion and reason and to vote no on these measures to protect patients.”

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