Yes on 300 Denver Social Use Cannabis

IMPACT Alliance Endorses Denver’s 300 – Social Use

Denver, CO – IMPACT Alliance emerged to unite healthcare professionals, researchers, and patient advocacy groups, representing thousands of medical marijuana patients statewide. Patients from across Colorado joined forces to defend their Constitutional right to access marijuana as medicine. We unite as patients in support of Denver Initiative 300 to allow for a pilot program on social cannabis consumption.

Vote Yes on Denver Initiative 300

IMPACT Alliance supports patients having safe access to their medicine, which includes the ability to have a place to safely consume their medicine. Many Colorado patients are not able to consume cannabis in their residences for a myriad of reasons. They live with extended family, or they do not want to expose their children or grand-children to consumption. Many patients are facing Colorado’s affordable housing challenges and living in multi-dwelling units whose landlords, HOAs or public housing authorities do not allow consumption leaving patients with few options to safely consume their medicine.

“Our members support the measure’s intent of providing safe places to consume cannabis and cannabis medicine,” said Bridget Seritt, a medical marijuana patient, Co-founder of Canna-Patient Resource Connection, and Board Chair of IMPACT Alliance. “We appreciate the language of Denver Initiative 300, which we believe will embrace all types of business models allowed under the pilot program that could benefit patients. We envision a market for dynamic patient-centered businesses to emerge, such as wellness clinics, where multiple modalities of healing can be embraced and cannabis medicine can be consumed on site.” For these reasons the members of IMPACT Alliance support the measure.

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FOR RELEASE: October 20th, 2016

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