michele-ross-square-e1440797201966I founded the Impact Network in 2014 in order to form a global nonprofit organization for patients with endocannabinoid deficiency diseases.

The endocannabinoid system provides a buffer for both physical and emotional stressors, and guards us against the effects of aging and disease. Many of us have reduced endocannabinoid function due to genetics, Western lifestyle, chronic stress, medications, or old age.

Symptoms of many diseases, ranging from autoimmune to neuropsychiatric, are improved with cannabinoid treatment. In addition, there is research suggesting cannabinoid treatment may be neuroprotective and may be able to slow the onset or progression of disease. Cannabinoids are the key to preventative medicine.

Sadly, doctors are not trained on the endocannabinoid system in medical school, and many do not even know what THC or CBD means. Doctors that prescribe medical marijuana cards often cannot explain what kind of cannabis the patient needs or proper dosage. Budtenders at cannabis dispensaries have limited training and often cannot help a sick patient with specific needs. We’re left with an alternative medicine that is as frustrating as the “trial and error” strategy of prescription antidepressants.

The Impact Network fills the gaps in cannabis patient management and helps convert the “canna-curious” into regular patients. The goal of the Impact Network is to research the contribution of endocannabinoid deficiency to disease and aging, develop logical treatment plans for each disease and patient, and ensure patients don’t give up treatment due to lack of support. We also provide healthcare professional education and educational media. Through research, publications, and normalization of cannabis patients, the Impact Network provides support to the global cannabis legalization movement.

Welcome to the Impact Network, and thank you for your interest. Together, we can grow a healthier world.