Colorado Marijuana Patients Take Our Survey

What is the cannabis patient and consumer survey?

IMPACT Network has partnered with has partnered with NorthStar Insights, a cannabis patient and consumer research group, to understand differences in cannabis user experience across legal markets within the US. This is a multi-state survey between Colorado, Illinois, and Michigan, and only takes 6-8 minutes to complete.

What kinds of questions will be asked?

Questions from this survey ask about conditions or symptoms you use cannabis to treat, your preferred forms of consumption, frequency of consumption, and dosages.

Why participate in our survey?

This quick survey will allow IMPACT Network and other organizations to gather valuable data on how patients are using cannabis to treat medical conditions. The information will allow us to tailor education programs, create or improve cannabis products, and provide preliminary data for future clinical research trials.

When does this survey close?

Please respond by Monday, April 3rd, 2017.

To participate in the survey click here!